Judaculla Rock

Huge boulder with unexplained petroglyphs said to be carved by Indians, possibly thousands of years ago.

The Judaculla Rock is a soapstone rock with numerous Native American symbols etched throughout. It is deeply associated with the Tsukalu or Judaculla legend of the Cherokee. Like most Native American tribes, the Cherokee believed the spirit world influenced things in the physical world, and that every man and piece of nature (animals, weather, plants, etc.) exhibited a spirit. The gods of the spiritual world controlled the spirits, and often times the Cherokee relied on a mediation between the physical world and the spiritual world. Judaculla Rock served as a landmark for the hunting god.

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Photo of Judaculla Rock

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Directions: From the Asheville Highway (Business 23) Intersection with N.C. 107, head toward Cullowhee for 8 miles and turn left onto Caney Fork Road. Travel 2.5 miles then turn left onto a gravel road and drive half a mile.

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