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Jackson County Tourism Development Authority




To promote the growth of tourism opportunities that benefit the Jackson County economy.


The Jackson County Tourism Development Authority was established in 2013 by an act of the North Carolina General Assembly. The Jackson County TDA has nine board members appointed by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners and meets monthly. The Jackson County TDA is funded by a 4% room occupancy tax collected from guests of Jackson County accommodations. No property taxes are used to fund the Jackson County Tourism Development Authority.

Establishing Legislation
Download & View House Bill 96
Download & View R12-34 – Nov. 19, 2012
Download & View R12-34 Amendments – Jan. 30, 2017
Download & View R12-34 Amendments – Oct. 16, 2017


  1. Bring the “Play On” brand to life through an integrated marketing strategy.
  2. Create an awareness and desire to explore and fall in love with Jackson County.
  3. To foster tourism development in the area by offering grants to projects, attractions,
    events, and services which will increase tourism to the Jackson County area.
  4. To examine the range of existing visitor attractions and services, and to use the
    information to identify unrealized marketing opportunities.
  5. To work with community organizations to achieve an effective, coordinated and
    comprehensive marketing program.
  6. To work with local government, businesses, and non-profit organizations to identify
    and develop new facilities, attractions, and services to improve tourism activities.
  7. To contribute to the economic development and quality of life in Jackson County.
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