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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Jackson  County TDA Board will be engaged in two primary functions: A) Providing proper oversight related to the ROI of the staff’s research-based marketing of the destination; B) Provide leadership and encourage elected officials and other economic development groups to fulfill the vision for Jackson County as a destination.  The Board is comprised of representatives of travel industry businesses.  The Board accomplishes its work through Committees (Executive/Finance, Audit) and Advisory Committees (Marketing, Governance, Destination Experience, etc.).

Destination Marketing Expand and promote the ”play-on” brand to an active-Outdoors Mountain Brand

1.Maintain and support the highest skilled and most dynamic sales and marketing team.  JCTDA will meet the highest standards of accreditation and performance (research driven ROI) with measurable results as a research-based DMO driven by a team of professionals.

2.Promote and expand the active-lifestyle brand based on the market research. Jackson County requires a brand that sets it apart as  unique from other mountain destinations while capturing the active outdoors vacation/getaway experience.  The brand will serve as a foundation for all marketing, sales and public relations as well as future destination development.

3.Maintain/expand a comprehensive research/ tracking program to guide all decisions– Track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for all programs with ROI reported at all Jackson County TDA Board meetings. Provides annual reports to County Commission.

4.All plans, marketing, activities, events must be on-brand – deliver on the active mountain lifestyle experience.

Destination Management – Enhance the Active Outdoors Lifestyle – a mountain destination unlike any other

5.Connect Jackson County visitors with memorable experiences.  Jackson County is large and visitors must be able to find activities to engage in them.  Implement county-wide directional signage and way-finding systems.  Improved cellular and Wi-Fi service provides visitor with connectivity.  Support traffic planning efforts to diminish traffic jams during peak periods.

6.Support improved and expanded access to traveler experiences, with emphasis on year-round outdoor experiences.  Expand & improved parking at trail heads and waterfalls.  Improved trail quality and safety.  Create new trails.  Support outfitters to equip visitors for biking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing

7.Encourage and support unique mountain dining, shopping and entertainment that set Jackson County apart from other mountain destinations.

A full copy of the Strategic Plan can be downloaded here.

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