Celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week with Jackson County

The annual U.S. tradition of National Travel and Tourism Week is coming up fast. This year’s celebration, which will take place May 6 – 12, 2018, marks the 35th anniversary of National Travel and Tourism Week, and it’s all about recognizing the contributions and accomplishments of the U.S. travel community over the course of the last several decades. In honor of this, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners has also proclaimed that week “National Travel and Tourism Week” in Jackson County. With tourism being the largest industry in the county, we are inviting our residents, partners and visitors to partake in celebrating the week with us through this year’s theme of “Then and Now.” After all, without each one of you, being able to create such a positive tourist experience, and in turn, such a large economic impact opportunity to our area, would not be possible! Travel to Jackson County results in more than $188 million annually in visitor spending on lodging, food service, transportation, retail, recreation and entertainment. The tourism industry as a whole supports 1,810 jobs locally and the funding from it helps to improve community projects, events and experiences for locals and tourists alike. To tie into this year’s theme of Then and Now, we delved into some past promotional materials to see how our towns were promoted as a tourism destination and how it has evolved since. We were able to track down old Jackson County brochures and additional marketing materials dating as far back as the […]

Rediscover Your Hometown

Break out of your everyday routine and immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds you throughout your hometown. Whether it’s Sylva, Dillsboro, Cherokee, Glenville, Cashiers or Cullowhee, the nature, adventure, natural wonders and one-of-a-kind attractions unique to these towns are plentiful. Chances are that while you may feel like you know your town, but there is still a great deal left to be discovered. Each town in the county has its individual personality and hidden gems, so head up, or down the mountain to experience the offerings that the other side of the county has to offer. When living amongst the natural beauty of Jackson County and seeing it in your everyday life, it can sometimes be easy to take those surroundings for granted no matter how awe-inspiring they might be. To experience the sense of wonderment that is usually found when traveling, try rediscovering what all there is to offer in your own neck of the woods, or in this case, the mountains. If you are from the area and coming home to visit, there are more than likely new places that you may have never thought to explore before. While visiting loved ones, take advantage of the opportunity to also reconnect with Jackson County. Try branching out to see what more there is to offer while visiting family and friends and introduce them to some spots that you all can discover together. Spend the day as a tourist would Why spend the time and money to travel when […]

These mountains are made for biking

Tap into the secret inventory of mountain bike sweet spots in the N.C. mountains of Jackson County. Whether it’s thrills or tranquility you crave, our mountain bike trails have you covered. Technical single-track and downhill bombing runs. Casual forest trails with stunning views and waterfalls. Climbs that run the gamut from gnarly to novice. And a meandering riverside greenway that fits the bill for the littlest of pedalers. Jackson County does road biking, too. Test your limits with epic climbs, bestowed with ominous names like “Ring of Hades” or “Spurs of Death” by local riders. Head up to the high-elevation cruising altitude of the Blue Ridge Parkway or ramble along country roads and river valleys. Unwind with an after-ride toast on the Jackson County Ale Trail. Don’t worry, the craft breweries won’t mind that mud on your pant cuffs. As an outdoors town, our motto is “Play On” and we name our beers after trails. With spring leafing up the mountains, it’s the perfect time to strap on the bike rack, pump up your tires and kick off the riding season with getaway to Jackson County, N.C. Here’s a quick guide to the local cycling scene to help you hit the ground pedaling. Gear up for the Great Balsam Bike Relay Adventuresome cyclists can experience the perfect marriage of both in the Great Balsam Bike Relay, a bodacious 12-16 hour journey coming August 11. Teams of four will take on the top trails and road routes of Jackson County and […]

Break Away from the Beach and Head to the Mountains this Spring

Avoid the mass crowds, bumper-to-bumper traffic and high prices that most spring break destinations have and experience Jackson County where wide-open spaces, scenic roadways and affordable accommodations ranging in setting and size await. Jackson County’s towns of Cashiers, Cherokee, Sylva and Dillsboro have all the necessities to make spring break 2018 one for the books. Avoid the masses at the beach, explore the outdoors, relax and recharge, and enjoy farm-to-table food, beautiful scenery, and the area’s booming brewery scene, all without breaking the bank. Venture Out Nature is calling! Come check out the many outdoor excursions available to thrill seekers of all ages throughout the county. Plan a group rafting trip down the Tuckasegee River or try your hand at fly fishing in the pristine waters of the state’s Trout Capital. The county is filled with more than two dozen waterfalls, including one of the tallest east of the Rocky Mountains, Whitewater Falls (411’).  You can also take a dip in Lake Glenville, the largest lake in Jackson County. Pack a picnic and set up on the sandy beach where you can enjoy a mountain view, picnic tables and a fishing pier. Visit one of the local marinas to rent a pontoon boat, kayak, or Sea-Doo to add some adventure while exploring the lake’s 26 miles of shoreline. From novice to more adventurous, Jackson County is home to some of Western North Carolina’s finest hiking trails and as winter starts to melt into spring, these trails spring alive with bursts […]

What’s in a name?

Jackson County is defined by its mountains and waterways. A rough count indicates that the area has 400-plus named summits and streams, and it’s fascinating to ponder how a certain peak or creek acquired its name. Some are obvious. For example, many local streams are named after the people who first settled on their banks. Scott Creek, Greens Creek, Blanton Branch, Johns Creek, Wilson Creek and Watson Branch are good examples. Interestingly, all of these are also the names of roads as well. Other creeks are categorized by geography (East Fork and North Fork), size (Peewee Branch) or by the plants that grow there (Caney Fork, Cane Creek and Locust Creek).

Find your heart song this Valentine’s in the N.C. mountains of Jackson County

Reconnect with your sweetheart during Valentine’s season with a romantic retreat to the picturesque mountain towns of Cashiers, Cherokee, Dillsboro and Sylva. Paint the town red at our cocktail lounges, wine bars and craft breweries. Shake off the mid-winter doldrums with a dose of the great outdoors. Or relax under a Smoky Mountain sunset with a vase of roses by the hot tub. From upscale resorts to rustic hideaways, and chic hotels to intimate bed and breakfasts, Jackson County delivers a diverse array of accommodations. The only hard part is picking one.

Insider’s Guide To Ebbing And The Filming Of Three Billboards

The mountain town of Sylva, NC was the primary filming location, and from May 2-21, 2016 transformed to become the town of Ebbing, Missouri, where this dark drama unfolds. Sylva captures the perfect picture of small-town Americana and proves to be a natural setting for the silver screen. With mountain vistas framing the background and storefronts lining Main Street, the town encompasses all the authentic characteristics that the setting of this Oscar® nominated film needed.

Treat Yourself in Jackson County

The beginning of 2018 is here. The holidays are over and you’re getting back to your normal routine, all of which can be incredibly stressful. You deserve some rest and relaxation to start your year off right. The mountain towns of Cashiers, Cherokee, Dillsboro and Sylva in Jackson County, North Carolina await with tranquil outdoor vistas, cozy accommodations, mouthwatering sweet treats and more for plenty of ways to treat yourself.

Jackson County, North Carolina: A Destination Fit for Any Season

With stunning summits, expansive rivers, spectacular waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes, Jackson County, North Carolina’s 494 square miles of natural beauty shines no matter what time of year.  Along with the wealth of natural wonders, the man-made treasures, culinary offerings and cultural attractions elevate the experience even further. The mountain towns of Cashiers, Cherokee, Dillsboro and Sylva in Jackson County, North Carolina await. The picturesque views that surround the county may change colors with the seasons, but the beauty of the destination never fades.

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