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The Tourism Capital Project Fund’s (TCPF) purpose is to provide leveraged investment in tourism projects that will increase visitation and attendant spending and overall economic impact for Jackson County. The TCPF offers a level of financial support to create sustainable tourism development activities at the local level that maintain and/or create jobs, attract tourists (visitors originating from outside of the County), and enhance the visit experience.

Application must be filled out online: Link to TCPF Application

Timeline for 2022:

  • 6/1/22 – Pre-Submittal Conference
  • 8/1/22 – Due to TCPF Selection Committee
  • 8/3/22 – TCPF Selection Committee Meeting
  • 8/18/22 – JCTDA Full Board Meeting
  • 9/13/22 – Jackson County Commissioners Work Session
  • 9/20/22 – Jackson County Commissioners Full Meeting
  • 10/20/22 – Funding Agreement Executed

At the end of the application you’ll have the opportunity to upload the following documents:

  • IRS Form W-9
  • Narrative Report(s)
  • Written authorization on official organization letterhead for an AUTHORIZED AGENT to act on behalf of Applicant
  • Organizational outline, including but not limited to names and addresses of each board member and corporate officers (except government entities)
  • Complete budget outline for the project
  • Three letters of support from outside the organization applying for funding
  • A schematic or similar design of the project, including any specifics that will assist in the approval process. All projects must meet all zoning requirements, building codes, permitting regulations, and other applicable laws.
  • All written agreements involving media, accommodations, and venue contracts/leases.
  • A detailed Pro Forma Analysis for the Project
  • A Sources and Uses Budget for the Project.
  • Please create and submit an event calendar for the previous twenty-four (24) months, if applicable, and the first 24 months for the Project using the format above. If the Project is an expansion to an existing facility, please only include events unique to the funded Project.
  • Please create and submit a form with estimates for the expected number of annual attendees in each category, if applicable (similar to the above). If the Project is an expansion to an existing facility, please only include those attendees unique to the development of this Project. *Sporting Events only
  • Any other files relevant to the Project

Link to preview the entire application before submitting online; Please note you cannot fill out the PDF form – it must be filled out via the above link: PDF of Application


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