So Many Mountains

Now that the last of fall’s leaves have blown away, our mountains are coming into sharper focus. Gazing up from the valleys, we are surrounded by peaks; looking down from the Blue Ridge Parkway reveals Jackson County’s seemingly endless array of mountains. In fact, winter with its long-range views may be the best time to hike. Just how many mountains are there? Based on an  online USGS list, the answer is about 185 named summits. Another source, which rates Jackson first in the state in number of peaks, puts the number of mountains at 113, though it doesn’t count quite a few summits that are very close in height, which likely explains the difference. Both online lists identify the peaks based on the quadrangle they’re found in, and there’s a fair amount of duplication, with the same name sometimes identifying more than one summit. Both Greens Creek and Tuckasegee quadrangles have a Black Mountain, with the Tuckasegee contender taller by almost 500 feet. Sticking with colors, we find Brown Mountains in both Glenville and Tuckasegee. Glenville’s wins the height contest, 3,680 to 3,400, and 6,032-foot Yellow Face is the final entry on the list. Our tallest mountain (as well as the highest point along the Blue Ridge Parkway) is Richland Balsam at 6,410 feet. Jackson County’s other 6,000-plus summits are Waterrock Knob at 6,292 feet; Mount Lyn Lowry, 6,260; Browning Knob, 6,260; Mount Hardy, 6,140; and Reinhart Knob, 6,100. Turning our attention to the girls’ first names category, we find […]

An enchanted Christmas starts here: 11 reasons to visit a choose-and-cut tree farm in the N.C. Mountains of Jackson County

Discover the magic of the season with a choose-and-cut Christmas tree adventure to the N.C. mountains of Jackson County. Visit a jolly elf village, sit on Santa’s lap, take a hay ride, and sip hot cocoa while you watch your prized tree get loaded onto your car. The glory and luster of a hand-picked Christmas tree is the center of holiday revelry in every home. So make it yours with a journey right to the source. Jackson County is the land of Christmas trees, home to 70 tree farms and more than 3 million Christmas trees.

Sylva’s Destination Library

Start with Jackson County’s most photographed building add a modern addition in the same architectural style, mix in dramatic views, then fill with books, computers and community gathering spaces. The result; Jackson County’s most photogenic library. Beautifully located on a hilltop overlooking historic downtown Sylva.

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