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Balsam Mountain Preserve

Discover the Exclusive Golf Experience at Balsam Mountain Preserve

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Get Directions 81 Preserve Rd
Sylva, NC 28779
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Nestled in the heart of the Carolinas, Balsam Mountain Preserve offers a golfing experience like no other, crafted by the legendary Arnold Palmer. This masterpiece of a course is recognized as one of the most breathtaking and exclusive golfing destinations, offering an unparalleled opportunity for just 16 outside players each day to explore its wonders.

Unique Golfing Opportunity
Before you decide to make Balsam Mountain Preserve your home, seize the chance to play on what is arguably the most stunning mountain course in the Eastern United States. Whether you come as a couple or a foursome, you’re in for an extraordinary day. Challenge yourself on the course, perfect your skills at the acclaimed Palmer Practice Park, and elevate your game with a session at our Golf Academy. Enhance your visit with dining at the Summit House, rounding off an unforgettable golfing journey.

Mountain Majesty
Embark on a golfing adventure where every view is a masterpiece and every condition is pristine. Spanning 6,824 yards with a par of 70 and reaching elevations of up to 3,700 feet, the course at Balsam Mountain is celebrated for its visual allure across the nation. Each of the 18 holes demands the use of all 14 clubs, promising a round that’s as challenging as it is diverse and enjoyable.

Arnold Palmer’s Legacy
The course reflects Arnold Palmer’s bold philosophy towards the game, with meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring a golfing experience that’s both challenging and rewarding. It’s not just about playing golf; it’s about embracing the spirit of the game in the most majestic of settings.

Palmer Practice Park & The Academy
Dedication to practice is honored at the Palmer Practice Park, featuring bentgrass teeing areas, target fairways, greens, and even a 6-hole short course designed to perfect your wedges. The Balsam Academy is ready to elevate your game, offering private lessons and expert instruction for golfers at all levels, ensuring an enjoyable and skill-enhancing experience.

Before, During, & After Your Round
From the moment you arrive until the last putt drops, your day at Balsam Mountain Preserve is designed to be memorable. With a round priced at $275, it’s more than just golf—it’s an experience that encompasses the beauty, challenge, and spirit of the game.

Location & Contact
Balsam Mountain Preserve is located at 81 Preserve Road, Sylva, North Carolina 28779. For more information or to make a reservation, contact us at 828.631.1040 or info@balsammountain.com.

Experience Golfing Excellence
Join us for a round and see for yourself why Balsam Mountain Preserve is not just a place to play golf—it’s a destination where golfing dreams come alive amidst the splendor of the Carolina mountains.

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